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| 3 PACK | 100% African Black Soap Hair & Body Bar from Ghana

| 3 PACK | 100% African Black Soap Hair & Body Bar from Ghana

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NyRose Naturals 100% African Black Soap Hair and Body Bar from Ghana! 3 pack and save up to $10 

The ultimate solution for sensitive skin, dry skin, and eczema. This extraordinary product is meticulously crafted to provide you with a rejuvenating and soothing cleansing experience like no other.

🌿 Pure Ghanaian Goodness: Our soap is handcrafted with authentic African Black Soap from the heart of Ghana, where centuries-old traditions meet modern skincare innovation.

Versatile Wonder: NyRose Naturals Shampoo and Body Bar is a two-in-one powerhouse, ideal for both your hair and body. Simplify your routine and save time and money.

🌟 Benefits:

  • Gentle Cleansing: This soap is specially formulated to cleanse without stripping your skin of its natural moisture, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Soothing Relief: Say goodbye to dryness and discomfort. NyRose Naturals African Black Soap is enriched with natural ingredients that can alleviate the symptoms of eczema and other skin irritations.
  • Hair TLC: It's not just a body bar; it's a shampoo too! Experience clean, nourished hair with a formula that promotes healthy scalp and hair growth.

NyRose Naturals prioritizes your well-being and the environment. Our soap is:

  • Chemical-Free: Free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens.
  • Eco-Friendly: Packaged in sustainable materials, we're committed to reducing waste and protecting the planet.

Feel the natural goodness of Ghana with every lather. NyRose Naturals African Black Soap Shampoo and Body Bar is a sensory delight, with a rich, earthy scent that invigorates your senses and transports you to the heart of Africa.

  • Ingredients: Shea Butter carefully selected for their skin-loving properties.
  • Size: Each bar is a generous 4 ounces, designed to last and save you money.
  • pH-Balanced: NyRose Naturals Soap is expertly formulated to maintain the pH balance of your skin and hair.

Elevate your daily routine with NyRose Naturals African Black Soap Shampoo and Body Bar. Experience the beauty secrets of Ghana, embrace the natural, and indulge in the luxurious care your skin and hair deserve. Say hello to a healthier, more vibrant you, courtesy of NyRose Naturals.

Directions: Always do a patch test prior to use.

Wet Your Hair and Body: Start by thoroughly wetting your hair and body with warm water. This helps to open up the pores and prepare your skin and hair for the cleansing process.

Take a small amount of soap or lather in palm of your hands: NyRose Naturals African Black Soap is highly concentrated, so you only need a small amount. A little goes a long way! Wet your hands, then rub the soap between your palms to create a lather.

Apply Gently: Apply the lathered soap to your hair and body. For your hair, focus on the roots and scalp, and for your body, gently massage it onto your skin. The soap is gentle enough for all skin types.

Massage and Rinse: Use gentle, circular motions to massage the soap into your skin and scalp. This allows the natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish. Afterward, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Moisturize: After using NyRose Naturals African Black Soap, your skin and hair may feel rejuvenated but slightly dry. Follow up with a moisturizer for your body and a conditioner for your hair to lock in moisture and maintain hydration.


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