Cap the Cradle Brush

Cap The Cradle Brush

One of the most rewarding items in the Hair Care Bundle is the “Cap the Cradle” brush because it has multiple purposes.

  • Helps with cradle cap
  • Stimulates blood flow throughout the scalp which means more oxygen and nutrients are able to penetrate the scalp
  • Exfoliates dead skin from the scalp stimulating hair and scalp health

All of the products are amazing and has their unique benefits but the “Cap the Cradle” brush is really amazing. It’s not only amazing for curbing your child’s cradle cap but us adults can also benefit from using it as well.

Incorporating a cradle cap brush into you and your child’s hair care routine has major benefits. The first, of course, is that it helps alleviate cradle cap symptoms from your baby’s scalp. But, what is Cradle Cap? Well, Cradle cap occurs when thick, white, yellow, crusty or oily patches are formed on your baby’s scalp. But don’t worry, it is not itchy or painful  but can be hard to remove and, at its worst, can look very unpleasant. The best way to clear this up in the most gentle and healthy way is to use a soft bristle brush, mild shampoo, or a hydration spray followed by natural oils. My daughter’s cradle cap is the reason why I wanted to incorporate a soft bristle brush in the Hair & Scalp bundle.

Regular use of our Cap the Cradle Brush helps to lift and exfoliate dead skin from the scalp stimulating hair and scalp health. When used, the brush works to increase blood flow throughout the scalp which further introduces oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. Which is why I say that even adults can benefit from incorporating a soft bristle brush into their hair care routine. What I like to do is use it throughout my wash routine. While shampooing my hair, I will apply the bristles of the brush directly to my scalp and work it in quick circular motions. I do the same in my daughter Nylah-Rose hair too, it is a very gentle and soothing experience for her and encourages major growth. Remember healthy hair starts with a clean and healthy scalp. 

Happy Healthy Hair Growing!




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