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When Owner of HairVentionZ LLC, Certified Natural HairCare Stylist, (The Protective Style Queen​) , and hair regimen setting consultant, Ashley Crews's, daughter suffered from a bad case of cradle cap it forced her to create natural hair care products that would help her daughter overcome it with little to no hair-loss. As a new mom, Ashley accepted the challenge to cure her daughters cradle cap which was a new and challenging experience for her. However, Ashley does have over 22 years experience in the Natural Hair field which makes her fully educated on what makes hair thrive and grow and she knew she could find a way to fix it, and that is how NyRose Naturals was born. Today NyRose Naturals caters to the needs of babies hair and scalp and it is made from all natural organic ingredients delicate enough for their virgin hair, solving dry scalp issues and providing growth moisture and shine. It's adult friendly too. 

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Our CEO's Ashley & Nylah-Rose

We want to help you and your little one throughout their haircare journey.

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