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Our products are delicate enough for your family's hair and scalp but powerful enough to help strengthen, hydrate, moisturize, and add shine; optimizing length retention and manageability.

  • Before & After

    This is a before and after picture of our mini CEO hair. She suffered a bad case of cradle cap in the before picture having many thick flakes on her scalp that resulted in hair loss. The after picture at just 6 months not only helped to rid the scales but also helped heal her scalp and grew her hair back with strengh, hydration, moisture and shine making her curls pop!

  • Before & After

    Mom was struggling to grow baby's hair. She did not know what kind of products to buy. Here is a before and after picture of consistently using products for 2 months

  • Before & After

    Babies hair was dry, hard to manage and breaking easily. Baby also suffered from cradle cap in the area shown. Here is a before and after picture of consistently using products for 1 year.

  • Before & After

    The baby was suffering from a bad case of cradle cap that resulted in balding and hair loss throughout her entire head.

    Her mother used the baby hair Growth Bundle on the baby's hair consistently as directed. Here are the results after 4 months of use.

  • Before & After

    This is after just 2 days of using the Hair Oil and Scalp and Styling Spray! 

  • Before & After

    NyRose Naturals' products helped with postpartum hair loss around the temples and hairline.

  • I Love This Oil!

    "I love this oil! My daughter's spots are starting to fill in from her cradle cap."


  • My Son's Hair Was Much Softer

    "My son's hair originally was very dry since I did not keep up with a hair regimen for him. When I would wash his hair it would be hard or challenging to comb. However after 2-3 weeks of using these products, I noticed that my sons hair was much softer. It was finally starting to look moisturized and keeping shine throughout the day. The dead hairs continued to shed and made way for stronger strands. It became more manageable with each day."

    Lenisha S.

  • A Must-Have

    "The hydration bundle is a must-have, it leaves my daughter's hair soft, manageable and hydrated with significant growth."


Meet Our CEO's Ashley & Nylah-Rose

As a New Mom in 2019, Certified Natural Hair Care Stylist, Ashley Crews, found herself looking for a solution for her daughter's severe cradle cap. Unable to find a natural product that met her daughter's needs, she began the journey to create one. And NyRose Naturals was born!

We want to help you and your little one throughout their haircare journey.

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