One Thing Beyonce Got Right About Baby Hair Care

One Thing Beyonce Got Right About Baby Hair Care

One Thing Beyonce Got Right About Baby Hair Care

When Beyoncé began showing peeps of Blu Ivy, many people had input on her physical appearance. The most notable conversation topic was her hair. It was often restraint-free, typically in her natural fro. The commentary was rampant about what 'she needs to have done' referencing her daughter's hair.

Fast forward to today, Blu Ivy's hair is a picture of health and thrives in every new photo. Beyoncé recognized a couple of things that can help you manage a healthy head of hair for your infant or toddler. 

Infant Hair Care

It's important to remember that an infant's emerging hair has a much finer and softer texture, resembling silk. Considering this, you must handle it accordingly. During these times, the primary need for your infant's hair is to maintain clean hair. that's hydrated and moisturized. Using a delicate product to gently cleanse and moisturize their tiny scalps without skin irritation can help keep them on their healthy hair care journey. Our Leave In hydration spray is great for this it has aloe vera in it which is very gentle on the skin and scalp and helps to repair and refreshes the scalp to promote healthy hair growth from the root. 

Toddler Hair Care

As your child grows older and their hair texture begins to change, their hair needs will also. Cleanliness is required consistently across the various stages of hair growth and texture changes. Observe your child's hair growth and adjust their hair care where needed.

For Example; Infant and toddler hair shares some values in terms of ensuring healthy, manageable hair, proper cleaning, and using a product that cleans and nourishes the scalp. However, it's also essential to know that each stage has different requirements. In regards to hair care tools, infants may only require a soft bristle brush at the beginning, while a toddler can stand a sturdier styling comb, of course, utilized with care. When it comes to styling the hair infants and toddlers can let their hair be free with wearing a cute headband or bow but toddlers can start getting ponytail or braid styles depending on their hairs health. be sure when styling to always choose low tension hairstyles. 

The best overall approach is to utilize quality hair care products like NyRose Naturals for gentle, and delicate hair care. 

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