Three Must-Haves When It Comes To Developing A Healthy Hair Routine For Your Baby

Three Must-Haves When It Comes To Developing A Healthy Hair Routine For Your Baby

Three Must-Haves When It Comes To Developing A Healthy Hair Routine For Your Baby

Moms everywhere scour the internet searching for hair care tips, products, and best practices when it comes to baby and toddler hair care. It's natural to want your baby to be cared for from head to toe and in the best way possible.

We understand and couldn't agree more. So, we have compiled a quick list of 3 things that must be a part of your baby's hair care routine.

Tip 1- Bath time Does Not Always Have To Mean A Hair Wash

The urge to wash your baby's hair every time they have a bath will naturally start to wane, especially as they grow. Their hairstyle requires less direct daily mange (i.e., cornrows or similar), but in the meantime, yes, they are cute, and no, they typically do not need their hair washed every day. Yet, when it comes to wash day, use gentle, preferably natural baby hair care products to give your child's hair the best advantage. We recommend washing their hair 2-3 times a week.

Tip 2- Choose Hair Products That Accommodate Your Baby's Hair Type

This is extremely important. Your child's hair shafts are delicate, and their strands have a unique pattern. Infants and toddlers who have curlier textures require less moisture and careful detangling. While the ones with coarse textures need adequate moisture because the rate at which their hair retains moisture can vary which can lead to breakage and dryness. After washing and moisturizing the hair choose gentle styling like a wash n go or twist out or cute curly fro. Low tension styles are great for infants and toddlers as their head and scalp is very delicate at this stage and tight styling can affect hair growth as they age. Knowing your child's hair type is essential in choosing a product that best applies. In some cases, there are products like NyRose Naturals that provide a balanced product that can adequately moisturize, protect and hydrate all hair types.

Tip 3- Protect Their Tresses

This is a critical component of any hair care routine. Clean, moisturized hair needs a little bubble of protection, especially for bedtime. Satin, like the material of the NyaRose Satin Reversible Baby Bonnet, is healthy hair's best friend. It helps retain moisture, which reduces breakage and helps to promote healthy growth.

Healthy Hair Satin Reversible Baby Bonnet

Achieving a healthy baby hair care routine doesn't have to be intimidating when you have great baby hair care products. Choose a simple and convenient routine that you can be consistent with and watch your baby's hair thrive. 

Check out NyRose Naturals hair care for your baby's hair care needs.

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