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Three Quick Low-Tension Styles For Children 5 & Under

Three Quick Low-Tension Styles For Children 5 & Under

Hair is meant to be taken care of and handled with care. This includes styling practices. While it's tempting to forget that although your tiny human feels like your own life sized doll, they aren't. This means it's not ideal to style their hair multiple times a day and in over stressful hairstyles.

In fact, less is best for younger children under the age of five! Here are three quick, low-tension hairstyles for your little one.

Simple Cornrows With Beads

This is one of the classic styles that always gets the job done. While it may take a little time on the front end (depending on the number and size of cornrows), it pays off on the back end. Cornrows are perfect for protective styling because they last at least three weeks and do not require daily management. Moisturize with NyRose Hair Oil Moisturizer and cover with your NyRose Satin Reversible Baby Bonnet at night. Wake up in the morning and go.

Braids with beads for toddlers

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Mamas everywhere love this style! It's great, especially in the younger ages, moisturize, slightly detangle as needed, and go. It's one of the best because there's virtually no tension, simple and can be dolled up with a small barrette for added cuteness.

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Cornrows Or Flat Twists into Buns

Simple, cute, and chic. This style brings us back to those cornrow days. They are a staple and always present a polished look. Give your baby’s braided look a soft finish by winding the ends into a bun. Perfect for protecting ends from the elements and changing up their look just a little. You can easily substitute cornrows for flat twists.

Cornrow/ Braided buns
Low-tension styles go hand in hand with proper hair care regarding healthy and thriving hair. Start with a healthy scalp using NyRose Naturals hair products, and watch your baby's hair thrive!
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