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"Little Locks & Twists: Children's Hair Styling Adventure"

"Little Locks & Twists: Children's Hair Styling Adventure"

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Class Title 103: "Little Locks & Twists: Children's Hair Styling Adventure"

Class  Description: Unlock the world of adorable hair styling for your child in our "Little Locks & Twists" class! Our course is designed to teach parents and caregivers the art of creating enchanting braids, playful ponytails, and more, all while keeping your child's comfort and happiness in mind.

  • Engaging Techniques: Learn creative and engaging techniques to transform your child's hair into captivating styles that will make them smile with delight.
  • Hair Preparation Mastery: Discover the secrets of proper hair preparation, ensuring your child's hair is ready for styling, no matter the texture or length.
  • Product Perfection: Master the art of selecting and applying hair products and accessories to achieve the perfect look, all while maintaining your child's hair health.
  • Happy Sitting Hacks: Gain invaluable tips and tricks to keep your child happily seated during styling sessions, making the experience enjoyable for both of you.


  • Boost your child's confidence with charming and age-appropriate hairstyles.
  • Strengthen the bond between you and your child through shared styling adventures.
  • Save time and money by mastering hair styling skills at home.
  • Create lasting memories while making your child look and feel their best.


"Little Locks & Twists" offers you the opportunity to become a hair styling hero for your child. Gain the skills and confidence to create adorable hairstyles, all while making precious memories together. Join us for a class that's not just about hair, but about joy and connection!

  • Duration: You can go at your own pace. Once you download the class you have the freedom to start and stop as many times as you like until you master the skills
  • Age Group: Designed for parents and caregivers of children aged 2-12.
  • Materials: Preferably your child or you can use a mannequin need a parting comb, styling gel, hair accessories ( ponytail scrunchies, hair clips, bows, styling products from our store or your preferred choice)
  • Instructor: Our experienced hairstylist, passionate about children's hair care.
  • Location: Online options only. ( email if you want 1on1 virtual class)

Embark on this enchanting journey of "Little Locks & Twists" and unlock the magic of creating beautiful, happy moments with your child through delightful hairstyles. Enroll now to become a styling sensation in your child's eyes!

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